The Floor Covering Shop offers a complete selection of carpets at the best prices in our area, as well as expert installation

Carpet has evolved considerably in the past few decades. Thanks to recently-developed manufacturing technologies, today’s carpets have many benefits to offer. It is quieter, safer, softer, warmer and definitely more foot-friendly than in earlier times. Moreover, it’s much more stain-resistant, and gives users more value for their money. New carpets also provide better insulation characteristics that save energy and lower utility costs. Perhaps equally important, many of today’s carpets will not retain allergens and pet dander, and are also very inhospitable hosts for mold, fungus and bacteria. These are important benefits for homes with young children, senior citizens, or anyone in residence that has allergies or asthma.

When it comes to necessary maintenance, new carpets are much easier to take care of regularly with only simple vacuuming. Thanks to these modern improvements, new carpet is far superior to its earlier relatives, in addition to being a better long-term investment for homeowners. The Floor Covering Shop offers a broad selection of new carpet from brand-name manufacturers. We both provide and professionally install carpet for homeowners and businesses in Norwich, Willimantic, Stonington, Colchester, Waterford and other nearby Connecticut communities.

Choose from many types and styles

In addition to the benefits already discussed, carpet is available in a diverse choice of types, styles, textures and patterns as well as a complete spectrum of colors. That’s why you will certainly have no problem selecting carpet that will complement or enhance your new or existing interior design.
Whether your home styling is informal, formal, or high-traffic; an empty nest, or a home with active young kids and pets, The Floor Covering Shop will certainly have a new carpet that you prefer. Moreover, you can choose from pattern, texture loop or twist styles. We also offer the very-latest kid, pet and eco-friendly carpets that are almost totally stain resistant, wear resistant and extremely easy to care for regularly.

The Floor Covering Shop will be pleased to show you actual samples of beautiful, durable carpets at your convenience. For more information, phone us, e-mail us, or stop in at our showroom in Norwich, CT to discuss your interest in new carpet with one of our knowledgeable flooring specialist.

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